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TB05: Stress and Challenging Behavior – What’s the Connection, by Steven Erwin
Recent research has pointed to “stress” as a significant issue in early childhood programs. Studies such as Adverse Childhood Experiences demonstrate the impact on adult’s physical and mental well-being. This interactive presentation will explore the impact of stress on children and adults. This session will explore and discuss research and issues of stress that can impact the learning environment and the child’s ability to learn and participate in the classroom positively.
About the presenter: Steve Erwin has spent over 40 years working in a variety of capacities to support and advocate for young children and families. He has a BA degree in Child Development and post graduate work in Preschool Special Education. His work experience includes being Head Start and State Preschool administrator. Recently he worked at the Child Development Lab and adjunct faculty at CSU, Chico. He is currently the National Early Childhood Specialist for Kaplan Early Learning Company.
Age Group Addressed: Birth through Age 8
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Child Growth and Development
Who Should Attend: ALL

TB06: Effectively Supporting Play in the Preschool Classroom, by Lindsey Lambert with Niki Contos
Have you ever been told, “You’re so lucky, you just play with kids all day!”? Join us to co-construct an understanding of play! Plan to have fun and share your knowledge and experience with children at play. You’ll participate in large and small group discussion, watch short videos and engage in a hands-on activity. We will all walk away with a deeper understanding of the power of play in children’s learning and strategies to embrace the responsibility of supporting play in the classroom.
About the presenter: Lindsey Lambert currently serves the Early Childhood field as a Curriculum Specialist for Northwest Center Kids. She is passionate about coaching and mentoring teachers as well as fostering a culture of collaboration within communities of practice. Lambert earned her BA in Education from Arizona State University and is completing her MS in Inclusive Early Childhood at Portland State University. Lindsey believes in relationship first, strengths-based coaching and that every teacher has the capacity to both teach and learn every day.
Age Group Addressed: Age 3 through Age 5
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment
Who Should Attend: Leadership/Administrators | Child Care Center | Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) | Interested Professionals

TB07: “Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood”, by Julie Tubbs Luthy
You’ll receive and be trained on the amazing “Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood” activity guide, designed for ages 3-6. It includes over 130 experiences that engage children in outdoor play and exploration. Each of the main topics includes neighborhood walks, background, art, discovery table, math, woodworking, dramatic play, and more. Included is an accompanying music CD that encourages children to sing, dance, and move.
In addition, you’ll learn fascinating things about Pacific NW plants and animals. Join us for a fun workshop and be
ready to get your kids outside! If you’re already enjoying your “Growing up WILD” guide, you’ll see that this is an excellent companion guide with
very little overlap. Most of these activities work well with even the youngest of the age range and most take place outdoors.
About the presenter: Instructor Julie Tubbs Luthy has been a naturalist for over 30 years helping people nurture a respect and awe for their natural surroundings. She thoroughly enjoys teaching people of all ages and her enthusiasm is contagious. She holds a master’s degree in Environmental and Science Education. Her field experience includes work in national parks, nature centers and Seattle’s Discovery Park. She currently offers environmental ed. programs through her own business.
Age Group addressed: Age 3 through Age 8
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment
Who Should Attend: Child Care Center | Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) | Parents/ Relatives | Family, Friend, Neighbor & Relative Care Giver | Home Visitors | P-3 Educators | Interested Professionals
This session has a $30 Materials Fee. Participants will receive one activity guide and CD.

TB08: Child Care Health Consultation in King County, by Leslie Keller
Child Care Health Consultation is a strategy that promotes the health and development of children, families and child care staff by ensuring health and safe child care environments. Various models of CCHC exists across the country, including one delivered by a team at Public Health-Seattle/King County. In addition King County has funded the piloting of Child Care health Consultation in seven community based organizations and agencies. This session with focus on how child care health consultation supports the inclusion of all children in early learning settings. We will
hear about a project that is being funded by King County Best Starts for Kids that is making recommendation for a system to support Child Care Health Consultations that are working from a variety of entities and agencies. We will hear from a panel of different service models targeted to licensed child care as well as family, friend and neighbor caregivers.
About the presenter: Leslie Keller has worked her entire career in a variety of early learning systems and agencies in Washington State. She has experience working in Early Head Start, Head Start, ECEAP, early intervention and child care. She has worked in higher education, ESDs, the Department of Early Learning and Region X technical assistance.
Age Group Addressed: Birth through Age 5
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Health, Safety, and Nutrition
Who Should Attend: Leadership/Administrators | Child Care Center | Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) | Parents/Relatives | Family, Friend, Neighbor &; Relative Care Giver | Healthcare Staff | P-3 Educators | Interested Professionals

TB09: Observing, Recording, and Looking Ahead, by Brittney Andrade and Kimberlee Turner
Young children are working on learning and developing socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. It is the role of the early childhood educator to observe, record, and assess young children as they move through milestones and stages in their development. This course will discuss the importance of early childhood development in regard to educator observations, recording of data, types of records, and assessing for future lesson and activity planning.
About the presenter: Brittney currently works for Successful Solutions Training in Child Development as a E-Learning Curriculum Specialist and Instructor. Brittney has a wealth of early childhood education experience, including navigating the NAEYC accreditation process and working in an Early Achievers center. Brittney is currently working on a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Walden University. She also holds a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from Rasmussen College and a Bachelors in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University. Kimberlee also currently works for Successful Solutions Training in Child Development as a E-Learning Instructional Coordinator. She has a Master of Science Degree in Higher Education from Walden University. She also graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Developmental Psychology and a minor in Psychology. She has worked with children diagnosed with autism as an ABA Therapist and Registered Behavior Technician in both an in-home setting and center-based setting. As the oldest child, she helped care for her younger brother who has disabilities, and this led her to a strong desire to work with children who are affected by disabilities. Kimberlee firmly believes that every child should have access to an inclusive and supportive environment and it is our job as educators to provide that for them.
Age Group Addressed: Birth to Age 8 and higher
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Ongoing Measurement of Child Progress
Who Should Attend: Child Care Center | Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) | Parents/ Relatives | Family, Friend, Neighbor & Relative Care Giver | P-3 Educators | K-12 Educators | Interested Professionals

TB10: 10 Ideas to Follow Up After the Class is Over, by Debbie Hasbrook
Attendees will only remember 20% of what you present when they walk out the door. Most will never contact you for more information or help. What is the goal or outcome you want from communication with attendees after the class is over? Learn 10 ways to follow up and extend learning, encourage repeat attendees, and make sure your training is a starting place not an isolated event.

About the presenter: Debbie Hasbrook has been in the field of Early Childhood for over 40 years. Her educational background includes a Montessori Preschool Degree, B.A. in Religion, and a Master of Education. Throughout her career she has attained many certifications and training in early learning, adult education and family dynamics. She has worked with South Sound Tapestry of Early Care (SSAEYC), Oregon AEYC, Washington state DCYF Trainer Advisory Committee, and a number of other organizations. Currently she is an approved Advanced (Level) Trainer for Washington State and a Master Trainer for Oregon. Debbie has experience mentoring and coaching trainers, teaches Train the Trainer courses at workshops, and conferences. She is co-founder of Pillars of Excellence and holds the title of Director of Development and Training.
Age Group Addressed: Adults
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Professional Development and Leadership
Who Should Attend: Interested Professionals