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SC01: Let’s Get Moving, by Jamaica Stevens
Let’s celebrate life through movement! Let’s awaken your inner-child so that you can have more meaningful play with your students. These activities will encourage self expression, cultural awareness, problem solving, team work and creative thinking while working on balance, coordination, listening skills, concentration, breathing techniques, spatial awareness, and basic science, math and early literacy skills! We’ll also talk about mindfulness and self calming methods, in addition to helping children master crossing the midline (Bilateral Coordination).
Learn Creative Ways to to use books, toys and other props that you can find throughout your classroom or in your child care programs to help keep your students engaged and focused. Learn tips for modifying the activities for different age groups to make sure that you are being developmentally appropriate.
About the presenter: Jamaica Stevens founded JAMaROO Kids in 2004 after teaching preschool for 7.5 years and studying the preforming arts since childhood. JAMaROO Kids specializes in providing quality enrichment programs for young children. These programs have included dance, music, yoga, art and bilingual classes.Currently Jamaica leads a team of educators who specialize in creating and teaching developmentally appropriate enrichment programs for young children at over 150 schools, childcare centers and community venues throughout the Bay Area. Jamaica strives to be active within the ECE community through leading workshops, presenting at conferences, participating in community events and hosting networking events for professionals within the industry.Jamaica herself has taught over 10,000 classes to young children and has worked with 100,000+ children and families over the past 20+ years.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Child Growth and Development
Who Should Attend: ALL

SC02: 7 Steps to Raising a High Achever, by Nicoline Ambe
Your child’s college education and career future require early planning and careful preparation. As early as Kindergarten, it is important to be aware of key skills, strategies and habits that will positively impact your child’s performance in school. This presentation will teach step-by-step strategies that parents can immediately implement at home to help their children excel in Elementary, Middle, and High School. It will show parents how to position their children for academic success at an early age. For example, foundational skills learned in 3rd grade math will affect a student’s performance in 8th grade math, which will impact their college major and ultimately, their career choice. There is a trickle-down effect in how a student’s performance in earlier grades will affect the outcome of their educational and career aspirations. This presentation will therefore show parents how to position their children for success very early on by instilling the right skill-set, behaviors, mindset, value system and practices that will help their children soar!
About the presenter: Dr. Nicoline Ambe is an International Speaker, Educator and #1 Best Selling Author of several books. She has taught in several elementary schools, colleges, and universities across Canada and the United States for the past two decades. Dr. Ambe has made numerous public television and radio appearances, including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Born in a small African country with limited to no educational resources, Dr. Ambe fought her way to the top of the academic ladder and obtained four academic degrees before the age of 30. Her primary mission is to help parents raise high achievers by creating a relationship and environment for their children to thrive academically. Through teaching, speaking and training, Dr. Ambe has helped many parents develop great relationships with their children, resulting in academic excellence. She believes that with the right structure and support at home, every single child has the potential to excel in school and life. She has given several keynotes and presentations to large and small audiences at conferences, school districts, schools and churches to share her message of educational excellence, parent involvement and teacher excellence. To learn more about Dr. Ambe, visit:
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Families and Community Partnerships
Who Should Attend: Parents/Relatives | Family, Friend, Neighbor & Relative Care Giver | Family Resource Coordinators | Home Visitors | Interested Professionals

SC03: How Can I Engage ALL Students? By Phyllis Hallam
Educators are looking to increase learning for ALL students through the use evidence-based approaches such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Differentiated Instruction. This fun and fast paced session focuses on immediately adoptable strategies for differentiating instruction through multiple intelligences, as adjusted for young children’s developmental levels. Designing and implementing culturally-sensitive activities to engage a wide variety of learners in participatory instruction becomes second-nature once teachers become acquainted with strategies and techniques such as Storytelling.
About the presenter: PJ Hallam, Ph.D. recently retired from the literacy office of the CA State Department of Education (CDE) to volunteer in her granddaughter’s kindergarten class. She was the CDE consultant for MTSS and UDL, based on her many years of being a resource specialist. She also taught ELA at Riverview Middle School in Bay Point, CA before obtaining her doctorate in Language, Literacy, and Culture from UC Berkeley. Her presentations are widely acclaimed for their substantial content as well as high entertainment value.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency:
Who Should Attend:

SC04: Dialogic Reading For Children With and Without Disabilities, by Colin Gasamis
The purpose of this presentation is to help early childhood practitioners and caregivers in implementing dialogic reading techniques through assisting them in understanding interactive book reading techniques. Instructional adaptations will be discussed for children with and without disabilities.
About the presenter: Colin Gasamis earned his Ph.D. at the University of Washington with Dr. Roxanne Hudson. His area of scholarship centered on designing and implementing literacy and social behavior interventions for children at-risk for specific learning disabilities and applied implementation science in Special Education.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment
Who Should Attend: Child Care Center | Parents/Relatives | Family, Friend, Neighbor & Relative Care Giver | Family Resource Coordinators | P-3 Educators | Interested Professionals

SC05: Potty Training 101, by Barbara Hudson
Come learn the ‘Pee Pee on the Potty’ song! This class is designed for both teachers and parents of children with or without developmental delays, including autism. This is a practical, behavioral approach of teaching children the potty routine to maximize potty training success. Come away with an overview of the potty training process and clear steps for home or school implementation.
About the presenter: Barbara Hudson M.Ed. is a special education teacher at Sorenson Early Childhood Center in the Northshore School District where she has worked since 2007. She has over 20 years experience in both special education and general education. She has a passion for early intervention and bridging the gap between home and school environments.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Child Growth, Development and Learning
Who Should Attend: Parents/Relatives | Family, Friend, Neighbor & Relative Care Giver | P-3 Educators | K-12 Educators | Interested Professionals
*Please note this is a duplicate of the SB05 session.

SC06: Interactions: Building Relationships with Children, Families and Co-Workers, by Stephanie Travers
The relationships we create with our children, families and co-workers are one of the most important aspects of our jobs. Some individuals are very easy to feel comfortable with. Others need a lot of work and time invested, and still my not be at your desired level of comfort. How as caregivers, teachers or administrators can we ensure everyone feels wanted and heard? What are we doing well? How can we understand and work through differences and problems? We will work on answering these questions as well as practice techniques to always have position relationships even in stressful times.
About the presenter: I have worked 25 years in Early Childhood Education. I have held basically every position available from infant teacher to executive director. I know the daily joys and stresses a teacher or administrator feels, because I have been there myself. Currently I am a preschool teacher for a small program on Whidbey Island. I rebooted my career 5 years ago when I felt I needed to remember why it was I wanted to work in this field: Teaching children.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Interactions
Who Should Attend: ALL