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Friday Tours


Friday Tour: Western Washington University
WWU’s AS Child Development Center has a 30+ year history of providing outstanding educational experiences to children ages 2-5 years. We hold the image of each child as capable, unique, and full of potential. The child’s role in the classroom is to construct their knowledge and develop skills through exploration, self-expression, and collaboration with their teacher, parents, and peers. We value the importance of allowing children time in a nurturing, supportive, and inclusive atmosphere.
Come and see us as we interact with the children, coach the student employees, and present interactive discussions on the classroom environment, fostering executive function, and setting up provocations with children. We look forward to meeting you and collaborating with you.
Tour time: 10:30am - 5:00pm (includes travel) *please note participants are allowed to transport themselves; however the tour onsite will start at 12 and end at 3:30.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Professional Development and Leadership
Who Should Attend: Interested Professionals
This session has an additional $25 fee.