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Friday FC Sessions - 3:30pm - 5:00pm


FC02: Activating Families of Privilege: Building a Community Around Anti-Bias Education, by Chelsea Myers and Becky Krueger
Families in communities of privilege pose a unique challenge within educators’ equity and social justice work. Even when supportive, these families often lack tools, self-awareness, motivation, and confidence to join in on the work. In this workshop, participants will hear about one school’s efforts, come together to strategize, set goals to shift families from observers to partners, and gain a better understanding of how schools and families interact to further or hinder their anti-bias curriculum.
About the presenter: Chelsea has been teaching in a three to five-year old classroom at Hilltop Children’s Center since 2014. She and Becky are both passionate and curious about where emergent curriculum, family engagement, and social justice can come together.
Becky has been teaching in a three to five-year old classroom at Hilltop Children’s Center since 2012.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Families and Community Partnerships
Who Should Attend: Leadership/Administrators | Child Care Center | Parents/Relatives | P-3 Educators | K-12 Educators | Adult Educators | Interested Professional

FC03: Best Meeting Ever! Creating Successful and Productive Staff Meetings, by Miriam Dressler
Make your monthly staff meetings the highlight of the month for everyone! In this workshop we will look at ways in which to maximize the time, effort and money spent on staff meetings.
We’ll offer strategies and ideas to re-engage your staff, provide relevant learning experiences, and increase the overall quality of your program.
About the presenter: Miriam is the founder and co-owner of Bloom Early Education in Edmonds, WA. She has been teaching and training in the education field for the last 30 years. She is a WA MERIT trainer, as well as the co-author of “Prove It! Achieving Quality Recognition for Your Early Childhood Program”.
Miriam is a current lead validator for the National Accreditation Commission (NAC) and has successfully guided many childcare programs through the accreditation and quality improvement process. Miriam has presented at many national conferences in the last few years including the National Association for the Education of Young Children (WAEYC), the Washington Association of Child Care Professionals, and the WA State Family Child Care Association. She will be speaking at several conferences throughout the country this year.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Professional Development and Leadership
Who Should Attend: Leadership/Administrators | Interested Professionals

FC04: Resilience: Building Your Bounce with Parents, by Sue Ferguson
Enhance your methods of communicating with parents in your program. Do you have parents who mysteriously avoid you when necessary to speak to them about their child’s behavior? Do you have parents that appear to be clueless about child development such as when to introduce solids, when child can learn self help skills, when a child can begin to learn to toilet and when children should begin reading? Is there a parent in your program that deflates your bounce with every complaint under the sun but still keeps coming back? Help is here! It starts with the enrollment orientation. Learn key elements to cover when enrolling families to avoid troubles later. Don’t let haste to enroll or the lack of courage to talk to parents stumble you. Discover methods to enhance parent communications, build strong partnerships with parents (including the ones who frustrate you) and get your bounce back. Being resilient to pressures when you know what’s best for children. Be strong, be brave, be confident. Presenter will introduce ideas, tips and methods that will support your parent orientations, parent communications and assist you with skills to create positive family relationships between you and your families.
Presenter will also include methods to help parents become more resilient to situations between them and their children that undermine parental success and support their parenting that ultimately supports their child’s day at school and childcare. Presenter will provide interactive opportunities for attendees to share and discuss methods that work and don’t work while seeking new skills to work with parents. Combined with over thirty years of experience and working with many culturally diverse families, your presenter brings kindness, compassion and knowledge to connecting with parents. Let’s make your parents your ally’s and bring ‘bounce’ back to your program!
About the presenter: Sue Ferguson has a Masters in Early Childhood Education with over thirty years of experience working with children and families and diverse populations. She brings an enthusiastic approach to working with families and creating positive parent partnerships.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Families and Community Partnerships
Who Should Attend: Leadership/Administrators | Child Care Center | Interested Professionals

FC05: Assertive Communication, by Paul Figueroa
You’ll discover how communication is the fabric of creating a more productive, cohesive and team based work environment. In this training, you’ll learn how to present your message in a positive manner and enhance your abilities to communicate to mangers, supervisors, coworkers, employees and the public.
About the presenter: Paul Figueroa is an award winning and highly sought after inspirational speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach. He served as a police officer with the King County Sheriff’s Department in Seattle, Washington for over 12 years. He left law enforcement in 1998 and has been helping people young and old to live happier lives ever since. Paul travels all across the country providing workshops and keynotes at numerous conferences that support children and he’s also provided parent support workshops and staff, manager and leadership training for Head Start, Early Head Start, ECEAP, Public School, Preschool and Child Care organizations all over the United States. He’s received “The Governor’s Child Abuse Prevention Award” in recognition of his work with children and families and has appeared on Radio Disney along with the Today Show. His first book, “Listen, Your Life is Calling – The Journey Home” is now available on his website and at
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Interactions
Who Should Attend: Leadership/Administrators | Child Care Center | Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) | Family Resource Coordinators | Home Visitors | Interested Professionals

FC06: Bring Back the Joy Through Music and Movement, by Jocelyn Manzanarez
With so much focus on academics in early childhood, teachers are finding themselves forced to teach young children in ways they know are not developmentally appropriate. This often leads to teacher burn out because the fun factor has been eliminated for everyone involved. Join Jocelyn in this highly-engaging, hands-on workshop as she shows how to teach concepts in all domains of learning using music and movement. Participants will not only learn songs, dances, stories and more, but they will be able to explain to parents and administrators why providing a student-centered, play & experiential environment enhances a student’s receptiveness to learning.
About the presenter: Jocelyn Manzanarez is the owner of Musically Minded. Founded in 2003, her Seattle-based company provides music and movement classes for children ages birth-5 in childcare centers and preschools. She believes every child deserves meaningful experiences with music beginning at birth. Jocelyn is on a passionate mission to provide rich opportunities for children not only through her company’s weekly music and movement classes, but by also educating classroom teachers and parents on the benefits of integrating this uniquely human experience into the lives of children. She has written and recorded 100s of children’s songs that are used in childcare settings throughout the United States. She has also created a curriculum, Circle Time Success, designed for classroom teachers to use at circle time. She is a certified K-12 music educator in Washington state as well as a Washington state S.T.A.R.S. trainer. Jocelyn received her BA from the University of Montana in Music Education and her MA in Music Education from the University of Washington in 2005. Jocelyn and her husband, Eric, live in Maple Valley with their budding musicians, Maciella and Natia.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment
Who Should Attend: Leadership/Administrators | Child Care Center | Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) | Family Resource Coordinators | Home Visitors
This session has a $10 Materials Fee. Participants will gain access to online materials to use in the classroom to facilitate the activities learned in the training. This includes recordings, videos, printables and lesson plans.
*Please note this is a duplicate of the FA07 session.

FC07: The Ins and Outs of Home Visiting, by Jessica Kirchofer
Home visiting can be a beneficial practice for early childhood educators. Come learn the power and potential of home visiting, the difficulties to be circumvented, how to acknowledge and be respectful of family culture, and how to thoughtfully engage families in becoming advocates for their child and his or her learning. Home visiting for 18 years with diverse families allows me to share the lessons learned from families and practices which were most effective. Bring questions because there will be plenty of time for Q & A.
About the presenter: Jessica Kirchhofer, Ph. D., is the Director of Partnership and Field Experiences for Western Washington University’s new collaborative ECE program with Olympic College in Bremerton and Poulsbo. She has extensive early childhood experience as a parent educator working with families; a classroom teacher with pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade children; and as a college professor with pre-service teachers. Her focus areas are related to the home/school boundary, transition to kindergarten, working in culturally relevant ways with families, and issues of social justice.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Families and Community Partnerships
Who Should Attend: Interested Professionals

FC08: ECE Group Advising 101, by Ninder Gill and Anne Garrett
This session will focus on community college early learning programs can maximize their advising and registration potential by using an evening group advising model that North Seattle has adopted. It has been successful in advising students in the program as well as registering for classes without a designated Program Adviser.
This model allows programs with limited faculty or staff to advise a majority of their of their students.
About the presenter: Ninder Gill is the Early Achievers Point of Contact as well as an Adjunct Faculty at North Seattle. Anne Garrett is the Program Manager for the BAS in ECE at North Seattle.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Program Planning and Development
Who Should Attend: Leadership/Administrators | Adult Educators | Interested Professionals

FC09: We Need More than Passion - Power to the Profession, by Sally Holloway and Marilyn Chu
We all want equity in compensation, paychecks which pay the bills. As professionals, we first have to define who we are and what makes us unique. We need to have a system for holding everyone accountable. Learn more about the Power to the Profession Initiative. Make your voice heard as decisions are being made which will affect us all.
About the presenter: Sally Holloway is a college instructor, projects director, and advocate for a well-prepared/well-compensated ECE workforce. She holds leadership roles in the Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Council, ECE Workforce Council, and local Early Learning Coalition.
Marilyn Chu, ED.D, is a professor of Early Childhood Education, Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. She teaches courses in early childhood education fundamentals, infant/toddler development, child guidance, families and community partnerships and child abuse and neglect. In work with family literacy, campus child care, Head Start, and bilingual paraeducators, she has emphasized mentoring partnerships to develop culturally and linguistically relevant education programs for adults and children.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Professional Development and Leadership
Who Should Attend: ALL

FC10: Adventurobics - Storytelling for the Body and Mind! By Scott Liebler
Young children love to use their imagination in almost everything they do. Learn how you can keep them engaged in purposeful physical activity through the ancient art of storytelling. This workshop offers a variety of proven ideas and techniques to help you incorporate a progressive sequence of developmentally appropriate skill building activities into simple stories and adventures for preschool to early elementary aged children and special needs.
About the presenter: Scott Liebler is a teacher, writer, trainer and motor development specialist working primarily with early childhood and special needs populations since 1985. He developed his unique Funsical program to provide a fun and effective curriculum for developing children’s strength, balance, endurance and coordination using movement, music and vocalization activities. The activities are based on techniques used by professional educators, medical professionals and therapists to help children achieve optimal learning, communication and physical performing abilities.
WA State Early Learning Core Competency: Curriculum and Learning Environment
Who Should Attend: Interested Professionals